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How you can create your own edits

BleeperTV uses a file type called EDL for it's edits. EDL stands for edit decision list, and is basically a text file with a different extension. 

We have attached a sample edit file that you can download and edit to make your own. You can open it in any text editor like note pad. 

In the file you will see two lines with three columns. You can have as many lines as you want in an edit, but you will always need the same three columns in each line.

First column is the start time of the individual edit, in seconds and milliseconds.
Second column is the end time of the individual edit, in seconds and milliseconds.
Third column is the command for the individual edit. A 1 mutes the sound for that time frame. A 0 skips the video for that time frame. 

In the example file it will do the below.
mute 2:10 to 2:16
skip 3:50 to 5:34

You can test this example by searching for example when you go to download an edit in BleeperTV.

If you do create an edit, and would like to use it in BleeperTV, please send it over to us, and we will upload it to the database for you. 

You can download the example file HERE