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What does ABW and VBW stand for?
ABW= All Bad Words. You can see what words are included in this file ABW-List.txt
VBW= Very Bad Words. You can see what words are included in this file VBW-List.txt
Do the edits remove sex, nudity, and violence?
Currently the edits only remove obscene language, but we do have plans to create edits that remove sex, nudity, and violence.
What do I do if I hear a bad word?
Please reach out to us through email, and tell us what movie you were watching, what streaming library you used, the word you heard, and the best approximate time stamp of the video for when you heard the word.
We will then improve the edit based off your feedback.
Are the edits 100 percent accurate?
We do our best to make the edits 100 percent accurate, but with the ability to watch videos from multiple streaming libraries, it is hard to create an edit that will work 100 percent across the board. On average our edits are 98 percent accurate, and we are always receptive to feedback so we can improve the edit for a specific video on a specific streaming library.
What platforms does Bleeper.TV work on?
Currently you can use Bleeper.TV on Android devices, including Amazon Fire TV devices, and Windows computers.
Do you offer edited subtitles?
We have started adding edited subtitles, where the offensive words are changed to Bleeper. 
Can I request an edit for a specific video?
Yes, we are always open to recommendations, and try to get them create as soon as possible.
Do you sell physical Bleeper.TV devices?
We do not currently sell physical devices, but they are in the works!
Does Bleeper.TV work with rented videos?
Currently rentals made through Amazon Prime Video work with BleeperTV. 
Does Bleeper.TV share personal data?
BleeperTV does not share your personal data.